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Playing A Game Of Odds.

Hello Pagoo Players and all internet denizens who want to learn more about trading financial markets!

Pagoo is an educational site to help you in trading financial futures and foreign currency. The techniques can also be applied to stock and bond trading and, with a few modifications, to options.

If you have traded in currencies and futures already you will know how easy it is to be unexpectedly closed out of a trade with a loss, even when you subsequently end up being right about the direction of the market. For example, you thought the currency would go up and it did, but not before you were stopped out. Even if you haven't yet traded in these markets, you have no doubt heard about the dangers of trading in risky, heavily leveraged assets. It's all true. These markets are not for amateurs and there are many books and internet sites helping you to close the gap with professionals.

We at PagooLABS are offering you a free learning experience. This site will show you the mechanics of trading in options, futures and foreign currencies. It will also show you how to approach trading like a poker player: knowing when to hold'em, and when to fold'em. Pagoo is a learning environment and will show you exactly how to set up a trade, from establishing the stop loss, the target price and how many contracts to open. We will also show you simple rules for establishing the direction of the market.

To help guide you, Pagoo will have regular articles on how to set up trades and teach you how to do it yourself. We will not be recommending any specific trades since we do not know anything about your risk profile. Instead we provide a forum where you can meet like minded traders and share your ideas learning how to put into practice the techniques we discuss.

Forums, such as Trade Setups, divide out stories by topic so you can easily find more stories in a particular category. Discussions on each story take place in the Posts section below each story. In addition, if you follow other Pagoo Players, you can see a list of all their stories and posts in the User section of the site.

You will be able to post comments on stories just as you can on other social media sites you are already familiar with. You can vote on posts and stories that interest you and as you gain more experience points you will be able to publish your own stories, moderate forums and even create your own forums on specialized topics. Not only can you follow other Pagoo Players that interest you, you can also block or mute people you find annoying or rude so that you will no longer see their posts or stories. We want our Players to feel safe and comfortable so we can all concentrate on the one thing that matters: profiting from the market direction.

Trading these margined assets is risky and remains so but here we show you how to stop making regular donations of your money to institutional traders. We show you how to brush off a loss and instead profit from the direction of the market. We do not advocate a specific trading setup such as crossing moving averages or gravestone/dragonfly dojis, nor do we argue against them. Instead we show you how to build a system that takes advantage of your favorite trading technique. If you get the market direction right, you should always win. You will still make mistakes - that's trading - but you will no longer lose money when you correctly predict the market direction.

So come and join, ask questions and contribute. This is a new site so please be patient as we all suffer through its growing pains. And please bookmark us and check back often as we have many exciting new apps and developments to share.

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